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The Pasta E Pasta Story...

Pasta é Pasta began in the early 90’s as a hobby for Carlo De Angelis, today it’s a real-life dream come true. Originally from Arpino, (P. Frosinone) Italy. Carlo married Emma (Oliverio) of Guardia Piemontese, (P. Cosenza) Italy.   Psasta é Pasta began when Carlo was teaching high school construction technology and needed a means to relax after school. He asked his sister and brother-in-law (who had opened a successful bakery in St.Clair Shores called Giovanni’s) if he could come in and make pasta. Realizing Carlo’s talents, homemade recipes from his family began to pour in. Gnone’s gnocchi, Nonna’s sauce, Lorenzo’s pasta mix, Francesca’s meatballs and many more.  Carlo’s passion for food and years of eating the best homemade dishes was soon discovered by others through the quality and taste of his pasta dishes. Years later he asked his daughter, Carla, who also worked at the same school, to join him. It was the perfect opportunity to pass on a work ethic, family tradition and life lessons from one generation to the next. It was immediately evident that Carla had the same passion and love for food as her dad. Upon becoming a parent herself, Carla realized that the key to happiness was surrounding yourself with a supporting family and doing what you truly love to do in life. Therefore, Carla asked her dad if she could take this “hobby” to a new level and turn Pasta é Pasta into a business.  From that point their customer base began to grow and it became apparent that more space was needed and thus the company moved to its present location on Gratiot,  just south of 22 mile road in Chesterfield Township. “I was born and raised in Chesterfield. I support local Michigan businesses and I wanted my business to come home” Carla always tells her new customers. Pasta é Pasta is pleasantly surprised at the reception received by the new store and it’s actively endorsing the growth of new small businesses.By nature Pasta é Pasta is a wholesale distributing company. They supply stores such as Giovanni’s Bakery and Giglio’s Market in St. Clair Shores with their products. As well as other stores from Northern Oakland County to Ann Arbor and many in between. Also, a big part of their business has been Michigan’s Farmer’s Markets. They specialize in a large variety of foods such as Ravioli, Gnocchi, Sauce, Lasagna, Cannelloni, Stuffed Shells, Fresh and Dry Pasta Noodles. Their quality stems from the homemade feel and touch they put on every pound of pasta made.“The concept is a lost art. Homemade food made right in front of you. It’s nice to have a true family owned local business around.  It’s like stopping by grandma’s house to pick up some dinner on the way home” says Guy Caccamo, customer and friend. Day to day at Pasta é Pasta you can still find Carlo hanging around supporting his daughters endeavors. Between his trips to California, Florida and Connecticut you can find him keeping his eagle eye on the fine quality that makes Pasta é Pasta unique. You too can come and observe the making of their food. The open and family atmosphere of the store/production space provides you with the opportunity to watch their products being made. As Carlo and Carla always say, ” We combine the Finest Ingredients, Family Recipes and Homemade Quality to bring you a product that we are Proud of !!! And of course, ENJOY!”


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